Catalyst media server software has been at the forefront of the Digital Video revolution since it's inception in 2001. Constantly evolving to cater for the ever increasing demands of the user and to keep up with new hardware technologies, Catalyst continues to push the boundaries of live video playback.

From live input cards now allowing multiple streams of HDSDI video to be captured, to the latest solid state drive technology giving the user a whole new range of possibilities. Catalyst is always upgradable, allowing the system to be upgraded as and when required. New features and functions are added almost daily.

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Pixels Plus is pleased to be able to offer Catalyst users a whole range of services, from software sales, complete system builds & server maintenance to operating and technical services. We can offer a wide range of training options as well as custom content creation and other on-site services.

For more information about Catalyst and how Pixels Plus can help you, please contact or see the Contact page for more info.